Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Wonderful Discovery

Last night upon leaving the gym, I was tired, sore and hungry. I assure you, I'm not pleasant to be around while any one of these three, let alone all of them. I needed something easy, fast and cheap before I let myself enter the subtle realm of uninterrupted relaxation. (aka "Teen Mom" on MTV and a glass of chard.)

Nothing in the fridge, nothing in the pantry, nothing in my stomach. I picked up the phone, and dialed a number I only usually drunk dial. Chopstix chinese food.

Now, let me sort this out for you. I am not the healthiest eater, nor am I a gym buff. I realize that after college, you actually have to DO something to prevent yourself from resembling Jabba the Hut. Or Kirstie Alley.

Many of us have our go-to greasy chinese favorites. In fact, my staple used to be sesame chicken. Some prefer lo mein, or pork fried rice. I URGE you to try what I experienced last night, because that is exactly what it was-- an experience. I opted for the healthy meal, a steamed chicken and broccoli, with no sauce, over brown rice. Sounds pret-ty boring, I know.

...Remember that miso-soy dressing I have been writing about for weeks? The one that Iput over the ahi tuna in "Next to Nobu"? Well, open the fridge, and take out the remaining dressing. I poured this dressing over the steamed chicken and rice, and it was an instant delicious meal, that only cost me ten dollars, and 20 seconds.

With a "Takeout Fakeout" like that- who needs pots and pans?!

Don't answer that.

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