Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out....

Sure, Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of sensuality and love, but what's this femme fatale got to do with asparagus?

Back in the good 'ol days, the greeks referred to sensual, or sexual pleasure as "aphrodisia," in honor of the bombshell. Nowadays, they serve as the punch line of a feeble come-on. How many times has your date suggested you order the oysters?

Are these erotic eats in fact a myth? Are they merely sexually suggestive foods?

Let's discuss.

Many people believe that the term "aphrodisiac" is given to a food that is more likely to enhance sexual pleasures. But, when studied, it seems as if these foods are as pleasurable as your mind allows them to be. Like many other myths, the alleged aphrodisia results may be due to the belief of their users. A sugar pill, if you will.

What are some purported aphrodisiacs?
-Chocolate. Simply because of the sensual act of consuming it. Who doesn't feel better after a bite?
-Oysters contain rare aminoacids that trigger the release of more sex hormones. Mythical? Maybe not!
-Bananas. The phallic fruit. Moving along...
-Alcohol. Duh.
-Ginseng. It is said to increase desire for physical contact.
-Truffles- their musky scent, and rarity make for a suggestive dinner addition.

For all the believers out there, carry on with your practices. It is Valentine's Day, and what better a day to believe in love, and the powers of food?

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